A lot going on…isn’t it still supposed to be summer?  Things coming this way soon: innovative staffing developments, and for 6th grade families details on schedule and the One to One Pilot (I suspect you may not have realized before that someone has to write Acceptable Use Agreements and One to One Pilot Student/Parent handbooks).


Hello from Kim Noble, our new .5 Assistant Principal

Hello Louisa Boren STEM K-8 community and welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. Let me introduce myself…My name is Mrs. Kim Noble, your Assistant Principal, here at Louisa Boren STEM K-8. Not only I have been with Seattle Public Schools for over 20 years, teaching Math and Science, but I am also a product of Seattle Public Schools, graduating from Franklin High School, which is located South Seattle. I received my Bachelor of Science degree, in Zoology, from the University of Washington and obtained my teaching and administrative certifications from Seattle Pacific University. Before arriving here, at Louisa Boren STEM K-8, I taught (and completed my administrative internship) at McClure Middle School, which is located on top of Queen Anne hill. I am very excited to be here and look forward to seeing and participating in all of the exciting events and activities that I have heard about here at STEM K-8.

Let’s have a great school year and I look forward to meeting everyone real soon.

Thank you.

Mrs. Noble

A retirement announcement–From Jean Wylie

Jean’s retirement announcement below was received today–Thanks Jean!

 It is with a grateful and happy heart that I let you all know I am now officially retiring from teaching. Last year at STEM was one of my best years teaching and the credit for that goes to many of you who go the extra mile every day to help our school community.

Barb and I have accepted an offer on our house in Seattle, so will be moving to Mexico sometime in October. That being said, if I find I am short of money between September and October I may be doing some subbing- hopefully at STEM!

I hope to get together with folks as the summer wraps up to hoist a pint and say farewell.

Jean Wylie

All my best,


A poem to hang on to…

Heading in to a full week of SPS school leaders’ meetings.  Here’s a poem from Teddy Macker to hang on to summer!

The Otters and the Seaweed

This is what you need to know:
you need to know that otters wrap themselves
in seaweed so they won’t,

while sleeping at night, float out to sea . . .
Are you imagining this?
Can you see the otters actually doing this?

Does it break your heart a little?
Does it seduce you just a bit
into loving more

this odd hard world?
Oh otters, wrap yourselves tight! And sleep,
exactly like you do, floating but seaweed-held

in our salty living waters! Oh otters,
wrap yourselves tight! And you,
the one who doesn’t, the one who doesn’t

tether himself down right,
we are with you as you float away,
we are with you as you sleep

and lose yourself in the night.

6th Grade Update

Hello 6th grade families! Hope you all are enjoying a summer of good books and towering construction projects that collapse spectacularly.

It’s been a fun July taking in some vacation time and getting balls rolling for our 6th grade start up. But before I share details, a few good ways to stay on top of updates are @PrinciPalOstrom via twitter, www.principalostrom.wordpress.com, and I’m working to create a direct link to the Louisa Boren STEM K-8 Facebook page.

A short list of things that have happened recently on the path to 6th Grade:

  • Kim Noble accepted a .5 position as the first STEM K-8 Assistant Principal!
  • I tracked the arrival of 60 iPads from Apple to the school district warehouse for barcoding to Lincoln for formatting and setup and (soon) on their way to us! One can not imagine the complications involved in establishing a 1 to 1 program and getting the equipment here to start the year….
  • Capitol programs allowed Mary Bannister to select $20,000+ books for the library for our new 6th grade!
  • Capitol programs allowed me to select $9,000 worth of STEM-weighted books for two new 6th grade classroom libraries.
  • We are at the final stage of approval for a fantastical $25000+ order of science and engineering supplies! Mr. Parsley and Mr. Des like to make lists! It’s been one full time job to turn them into quotes and another to get them approved. There are way-cool gadgets, science, and engineering materials.
  • I ordered two full class sets of 6th Grade Singapore math texts.
  • We are working on an order for musical instruments to support middle school band.
  • I met with tech systems to negotiate the development of a 6th grade schedule that renegotiates traditional class times/courses. We determined that a two-hour Science/Engineering/Social Studies block could fit under a district-approved title of STEM Modeling. And that all of our electives except band will fit the title of Unified Arts. How we squeeze this into the SPS Powerschool electronic gradebook is going to be interesting….sometimes I call these things STEM problems and sometimes Creative Arts problems. We will all get to grapple with them!
  • We are partnering with the Museum of Flight to offer Amelia’s Aero Club for 6th grade girls (more information is provided below). It’s simply an amazing opportunity! Later in August I will be sending out a Survey Monkey’s for feedback on a few different topics, including scheduling for Amelia’s Aero Club.
  • In case you hadn’t heard, we will operate next year on the same schedule we had this year: 9:25-3:40, K-6th.

This list is just a sample of what has happened as we get ready for 6th grade. We are embarking on an amazing year!

A few dates to put on your calendars: 6th Grade Orientation—Sept. 2nd, 5:30-6:30 pm (yipes—that’s my daughter’s birthday), and First day of school–Wednesday, September 9, 9:25 am.









A program of The Museum of Flight’s Digital Learning Department

What is Amelia’s Aero Club?

Amelia’s Aero Club is an educational initiative of The Museum of Flight designed to inspire and nurture middle school girls’ (grades 6-8) exploration of educational and career pathways in science, technology, engineering, art, aviation and mathematics (STEA2M) and the legacy of Amelia Earhart by providing them opportunities to:

  • Build confidence in their academic abilities and strengthen their voice
  • Build relationships with peers and adult mentors through STEA2M explorations
  • Develop their leadership and project management skills


Why do we need Amelia’s Aero Club?

Amelia’s Aero Club was designed to answer the urgent need to increase the number of young women who seek degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). For more than a decade, the number of US students prepared to pursue degrees in a STEM field has not kept pace with the growing demands of our STEM industries, particularly those located in Washington State.

  • By 2018, Washington State will see a 24% increase in STEM jobs – seven points above the national average.
  • There are 23,200 unfilled STEM jobs in Washington as a result of a jobs skill gap. This gap is growing and will be 45,000 by 2017.
  • Only 11% of engineers are women, 28% of computer scientists in 2008 were female and 25% of professional astronomers are female.
  • Today boys and girls are taking the same number of high school credits, but when first-year college students are surveyed about what field they are thinking about majoring in, only about 19 percent of first-year college women said a STEM field, compared to approximately 35 percent of college men.


What will Amelia’s Aero Club do at Boren K-8 STEM?

Amelia’s Aero Club (AAC) will provide the 6th grade girls of Boren K-8 STEM a semester-long program that utilizes hands-on activities and project based learning. AAC participants will explore topics related to science, technology, rocketry, engineering and the fundamentals of flight. ACC participants will also have the opportunity design and build their own model electric aircraft to compete in the Lindbergh Electric Airplane Flight (LEAF) Challenge at The Museum of Flight. AAC programming at Boren K-8 STEM will be supported by the Museum of Flight’s educational staff and will include special guest presenters from a variety of STEA2M fields. The curriculum used in AAC is aligned with national Next Generation Science and Common Core standards for middle school students.

Lots getting started here in early August…it’s going to be an exciting start to school.  6th grade here we come!

I want to share a thought pinging around my head regarding our Emerging Vision.  There is much to chew on–it’s something we’ll be growing towards for a long time.  It describes the kind of people we want our students to become–citizens who value equity, sustainability, collaboration and more.  Yet I realized there was something I was still reaching for:  the spark I want our students to bring to their studies and work.  I want them to be passionate and daring about what they do; facing down today’s monumental challenges and living life fully requires it. But where to add to a vision that’s jam-packed with wants already?  So I went within the text and planted a seed….

What was Develop rigorous STREAM skills to ask questions and support answers became Develop rigorous STREAM skills to ask and answer audacious questions.

What do you think?